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How to Cope with a Parent Who Hoards

October 21, 2018

From the nextavenue website

The pain and frustration are palpable.

“I hired a maid… [My mother] didn’t talk to me for months. I filled two construction dumpsters full and there was still 2,400 square feet left to clean up. Eventually the maid quit when my dad berated her for throwing away a plate with petrified ketchup gluing a dead mouse to it. That was the last time I tried to ‘help.’”

The comment, posted on a Children of Hoarders website discussion board, provides a glimpse into the daily lives of those with a parent who hoards.

It’s an all-too-common scenario: the adult child struggles to get his or her parent to clean out the house and stop bringing more stuff in, only to face resistance.

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