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100 Days : 2018 Kilauea Eruption

November 15, 2018

Andrew Richard Hara posted this video – 100 Days : 2018 Kilauea Eruption – on Vimeo.

Some 27,000 photos and video later, taking some time to reflect on documenting this year’s eruption has truly helped to process a lot of the intense range of emotions felt throughout 100 days of volcanic photojournalism. It is difficult to describe how it felt like to be led by something beyond the forces of our human existence. It was the unseen that kept all of us safe when approaching harm’s way. I believe it was the same unseen presence that brought our community together in a way that would have never bonded had it not been for something so incredibly destructive. This short documentary captures the first hour of Day 1, till my last remaining overflights on Day 100, observing massive geological change.

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Retiree News discovered this video when Jeff Hickman posted it on his personal Facebook page.

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