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Check Six: Governor Waihee’s Military Review – 24 years ago

November 16, 2018

In the past, the Hawaii National Guard traditionally honored outgoing governors with a military review or parade at the end of their gubernatorial service. This ceremony usually was held in the month of October or November on a UTA weekend. This was driven by the incoming governor’s inauguration ceremony which is held on the first Monday of December.

John David Waiheʻe III served as the fourth Governor of Hawaii from 1986 to 1994. He was the first American of Native Hawaiian descent to be elected as governor from any state. Governor Waiheʻe was a supporter of the Hawaii National Guard and the State Department of Defense. His biography in the link below lists some of his work supporting the Hawaii Guard.

The military review for Governor Waiheʻe was held on Sunday, October 16, 1994 in Diamond Head Crater.

Governor Waihee Military Review Program

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