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11 Types of Social Security Fraud

December 15, 2018

From the LifeLock website

You probably know Social Security fraud costs taxpayers billions of dollars, but how does all that money get swiped?

There are a lot of ways to commit Social Security fraud. Not all of them are obvious. Fraud often occurs anytime someone receives Social Security payments they’re not entitled to. The Office of the Inspector General of the Social Security Administration (SSA) cites a few common examples:

+ Hiding work activity while receiving disability benefits.

+ Social Security benefits for a child not under your care.

+ Failing to let the SSA know that a beneficiary has died and continuing to receive and cash the checks sent to the deceased.

Consider this: About 6.5 million people who had active Social Security numbers in 2015 appeared to be at least 112 years old, a government audit found. The real number of living Americans more than 112 years old is closer to five, according to Gerontology Research Group, based at UCLA.

That kind of discrepancy makes all kinds of fraud possible.

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