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A New Way to Find a Financial Planner

December 23, 2018

From the nextavenue website

Can you recommend a good financial planner? is among the most common questions I’ve received over the years writing on personal finance. Problem is, finding a financial planner who is trustworthy, competent and comes at a reasonable cost is hard to find.

The stakes, if you’re nearing retirement, are steep.

“The cost of bad advice at that point of life is high,” says Pam Krueger, host of the public television investor education series Money Track and a registered investment adviser. “You can’t get the money back.”

Krueger has just come out something called Wealthramp, a nifty way to find a vetted financial planner through a unique algorithm. I’ll tell you about Wealthramp shortly, but first let me briefly mention the various types of financial advisers people typically consider as the near retirement.

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But remember the last line of this article – “You still must do your own due diligence

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