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Webmaster Comments: 18.12.24

December 24, 2018

Retiree News received several comments about our earlier post on Richie Kunichika. We can hardly believe it has been 10 years since his passing.

We think that the comments provided by Bruce “Ace” Ellinwood clearly shows the respect he and the members of the 199th Fighter Squadron had for Kuni. Thanks to Ace for allowing Retiree News to post his comments.

Thanks for the article on Ritchie Kunichika. He is missed by many. You left out, however, that he retired out of the 154th as an F-15 pilot.

By the way, I had the good fortune and pleasure of working for COL Paul Kunichika during my first two active duty tours, in Thailand and Okinawa; and later came to the 154th, where I was lucky enough to work for my second COL Kuni. Both were excellent pilots and leaders, with a warm, friendly manner and a good sense of humor. They were great role models who made those of us who worked under them feel comfortable and appreciated and inspired us to strive to meet the high standards they set by example.

Aloha – Bruce “Ace” Ellinwood

Thanks to Ace and the others who provided comments and feedback. Retiree News has updated the original post to include Kuni’s flying F-15s.

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