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Taps: Fred K. Hirayama, Jr.

December 29, 2018

Retiree News sadly announces the passing of Fred K. Hirayama, Jr., a retired member of the Hawaii Air National Guard. Fred served in the Hawaii State Legislature in the 1980s and was a leader who worked to improve benefits for all Hawaii Guardmembers.

Lon Paresa, a retired Hawaii Army National Guard member, emailed Retiree News about the Fred’s passing this afternoon. Lon has worked at the Legislature for many years in the House of Representatives as the Assistant Sergeant of Arms. He provided the following comments.

Fred Hirayama passed yesterday.  He was an Air Guard member.

Some of his notable achievements, Fred created 3 programs that directly impacted (and benefited) Guard members.

First, for those who are old enough to remember, the annual deduction for Guard members was $500 per year against your taxes. As a State Representative, Fred fought and successfully increased the annual amount to $1,750 where it stood for many years. Then, he worked vigorously behind the scene to help increase it to the current amount.

Secondly, Fred battled to help with the tuition waiver program (those who wanted to attend College) for members of the Guard. For years this program thrived under his watchful eyes.  Eventually, this program (as many others) fell victim to budgetary considerations.

Finally, and most significantly, Fred helped the members of the Guard (with over 20 years of service) with the ability to be considered for burial at the State Veteran Cemeteries.

Never seeking the limelight and always humble, I believe Fred would blush if he knew I wrote this to you. The entire Guard Ohana owes Fred Hirayama a debt of gratitude for his service to this Nation and the State of Hawaii.

Retiree News extends heartfelt sympathy to Fred’s family and friends.

Retiree News will post information about services when it becomes known.

Mahalo to Lon Paresa for sharing his comments with Retiree News. Lon’s comments clearly describe Fred’s hard work in the legislature striving for Guard benefits.

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