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Check Six: Pneudraulic Shop – 39 years ago

April 14, 2019

Personal Photograph Used with Permission | click to enlarge

Top row: Rolf Oudraad, Leslie Galon, Mark ShawStanford Lum, Dwane Yoshioka, Gary SomaHoward Nonaka

Bottom row: Randall Fukunaga, Norman Tyau, Herman Bongco, Daniel Sakuma, Edward Essman

Thanks to Stanford Lum for submitting this photograph and the following comments

Here is a photo from way back. I didn’t have the foresight to date and label it. You can see that it was after a Philippine deployment. I think it’s noteworthy that most of those fellows put in at over 20 years. Also, a number of them rose to top sergeants and assumed important positions.

After seeing this photograph, Rolf Oudraad added

Thinking about it, this may have been after a change of command ceremony in the late 80s/ early 90s.

Great people who became the leaders of the maintenance complex. Rolf’s assessment of the time frame is probably correct because that’s the period when the transition from the old fatigue uniforms to the new BDUs was ongoing.

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