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Oldest units in the military muster together after 382 years

April 20, 2019

From the U.S. Army website

The First Muster – Salem, Massachusetts, 1636

Salem, Massachusetts – Every April, in a coastal city north of Boston, the Salem Muster is commemorated. For the ceremony this year, the overcast mild day was welcomed, as in the past, the unpredictable New England weather has gone from snowy or rainy to hot and sunny.

Members of the oldest military units in the nation, the 101st Engineers, the 101st Field Artillery, the 181st Infantry, and the 182nd Infantry gathered for the 382nd Salem Muster on Salem Common, April. 13, 2019, just as the same units did in 1637.

Onlookers gather in Salem Commons for the event while the four oldest units in the National Guard and organized militias “muster,” just like the earliest militias in the United States military did during the first muster in 1637.

In 2013, President Barack Obama signed legislation sponsored by Massachusetts Congressman John Tierney designating Salem as the birthplace of the National Guard.

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