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Check Six: 1st Sergeant’s Nightmare – 70+ years ago

May 15, 2019

Hawaii Air National Guard Photograph | click to enlarge

This undated photograph show the crew of one of the Hawaii Air National Guard’s two C-47 Commandos. The HIANG flew C-47s from 1947 until 1965, but this photograph was probably taken in the late forties.

The HIANG was recognized in 1946 and the Air Force began in 1947. The transition from the Army Air Forces included uniforms. This photograph shows a 1st Sergeant’s nightmare.

– Everyone in the photograph apparently wear Army uniforms except the member on the far right.

– He also wears a dark tie unlike the others with a lighter color tie.

– There are two types of belts – probably khaki or blue.

– Some of the members are wearing Army chevrons while some have Air Force chevrons.

– Some members are wearing Army Air Force patches on their shoulders, Army Style, while others have none.

– It doesn’t appear every member with have an organization emblem on their flight caps.

– It’s not a color photograph, but probably some are wearing brown shoes while others are wearing black shoes.

The Hawaii Air National Guard flew the C-47s until 1965, when they received a C-54 Skymaster. This aircraft was later named the “Spirit of Aloha”.

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