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Check Six: HIANG Pilots – 70 years ago

May 19, 2019

Hawaii Air National Guard Photograph | click to enlarge

This undated photograph shows 199th Fighter Squadron pilots in front of a Douglas B-26 Invader bomber.

Back row (L-R): 1st Lt Carlos W. Bonham, Capt. Alfred G. Shaheen, 2d Lt Letwell P.A. Duvauchelle, 1st Lt George R. Duncan, Capt Douglas E. Guy, Maj Valentine A. Siefermann, Maj Frank R. Harlocker, Lt Col William Nolan, 1st Lt Robert B. Maquire, 2d Lt George T. Harris

Front row (L-R): 2d Lt Hunter C. Parker, 2d Lt Leopold J. Brady, Capt Archibald M. Harrison, 2d Lt James F. Coleman, 2d Lt Frank J. Smith, 2d Lt. Tyler M. Harr, 1st Lt Jarrett F. Carr

William Nolan was the 199th Fighter Squadron commander at the time. When the HIANG operated out of then-Bellows Field in Waimanalo, he would lead teams to Hickam AFB to search for aircraft parts and supplies. These teams were called “Nolan and his 40 Thieves”.

Carlos Bonham joined the 199th Fighter Squadron in 1948. He served as a flight leader, and operations officer before becoming commander in 1951. Bonham was killed June 15, 1952 off Kauai in a midair collision while leading a flight of F-47 Thunderbolt “Jugs” fighters. Read an earlier Retiree News post on Carlos Bonham.

Among those in the photograph were the future leaders of the Hawaii Air National Guard. Valentine A. Siefermann would become the Commander, Hawaii Air National Guard, and later, the Adjutant General. Robert Maquire would also serve as the HIANG Commander.

These pilots would lead the 199th Fighter Squadron in the “Jug” era and its transition into the jet era as the HIANG started flying F-86 Sabers in 1954. A few would still be flying when the 199 FS converted to F-102 Delta Daggers in 1960.

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