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10 Things Retirees Should Never Keep in Their Wallets

June 5, 2019

From the Kiplinger website

One of the worst feelings is reaching for your wallet and finding it’s not there. Panic ensues: Did you leave it at home? Drop it? Were you the victim of a pickpocket? Following our advice won’t salve that panic, but it may lessen it.

We talked with consumer-protection advocates to identify the 10 things retirees should purge from their wallets immediately. And when you’re finished, take a moment to photocopy everything you’ve left inside your wallet, front and back. Stash the copies in a secure location such as a home safe or a bank safe deposit box. The last thing you want to be wondering as you’re reporting a lost stolen wallet is, “What exactly did I have in there?”

And the ten things are:

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