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6 Downsides of Downsizing for Retirement

July 22, 2019

From the U.S. News & World Report website

My wife and I downsized twice in the past few years. First we sold our four-bedroom suburban home and moved into a one-bedroom condo. In order to accomplish this move we disposed of about one-third of our possessions, including old sports equipment, musical gear, stuffed animals and old books belonging to our kids. We then divided the rest of our stuff in two, half going into our condo and half into storage.

A year later we moved from our condo to a small three-bedroom house in another town. A lot of our old furniture and other paraphernalia did not fit into this new house. So we trashed, gave away or sold another round of our belongings, replacing some of them with new pieces.

Here are some of the drawbacks of downsizing in retirement:

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