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Webmaster Comments: 19.08.10

August 10, 2019

Retiree Updates – Theodore Merrill: Ted served with the then-203d Combat Communications Squadron and later with the 154th Wing. At the Wing, he was the Wing Historian and the materials he researched are an important part of Retiree News posts. Through his efforts, a lot of historical materials were categorized and saved for future reference.

In civilian life, he served as an officer with the Honolulu Police Department. After his civilian and military retirements, he continued living in Wahiawa. In 2006, he relocated back to Arizona where he grew up. In a recent email exchange, he said he misses Hawaii a lot. Great individual!

HIANG Aircrew Project: Retiree News has restarted a project to create a list of all Hawaii Air National Guard members who served as aircrew in our aircraft over the years. Beside pilots and WSOs/navigators, the list will include loadmasters, flight engineers, boomers and flight surgeons. It will eventually be posted on the Retiree News website.

This project began as a coffee discussion with Melvin Souza, who wanted to create a list of pilots that flew HIANG aircraft prior to the F-4 Phantoms. This effort paused when Mel passed away several years ago.

The current listing has about 300 aircrew listed, but it is far from complete. Retiree News has reached out to several “historians” for comments and inputs. More research is required prior to the first website post.

“Even the palest ink is better than the best memory.” – Chinese proverb

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