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Off Track: Every Chain Restaurant in America – Ranked by Popularity

August 18, 2019

From the Eat This Not That website

Backtrack to yesterday’s lunch: Did you choose to grab a salad at your favorite chain restaurant based on its convenience or due to the brand itself? Nation’s Restaurant News recently partnered up with Datassential, a consumer research brand, to release its annual Consumer Picks survey, which shows us how 126 popular restaurants stack up against each other based solely on customer loyalty.

“Survey respondents were asked if their last visit to each chain was driven by convenience or by a true desire to experience that brand. The resulting True Loyalty score is the percentage of visits that were motivated by the brand and not by circumstance,” NRN reports. Based on these percentages, we’ve ranked some of your favorite spots from worst to best based on brand-driven customer loyalty.

Find out if your go-to burger joint cracked the top 50

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