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Check Six – 1965: Royal Guard Members

August 19, 2019
Hawaii Air National Guard Photograph

Pictured above are three members of the Hawaii Air National Guard’s Royal Guard. Left to right are Moses TimbalLes Chambers, and Paul Kealoha. According to Randall Lum, another Royal Guard member and retiree, it was taken in 1965. 

Colonel Walter “Papa” Judd, a Hawaii Air National Guard member, organized the current Royal Guard in 1962. The unit made its first public appearance on November 16, 1963 at Iolani Palace to commemorate King David Kalakaua’s birthday.  The unit has posted the guard at the palace every year since. 

The unit is composed of HIANG members who are either full Hawaiian or part-Hawaiian ancestry. All commands during ceremonies are in the Hawaiian language.

The Royal Guard recreates the troops who guarded Hawaii’s monarchy in the latter half of the 19th century. It is ceremonial unit only and serves the Governor, for official State functions and other public functions. The Royal Guard appears at public events honoring veterans and the U.S. military in Hawaii year round.

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