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50 Best and Worst Retirement Towns

August 24, 2019

From the Go Banking Rates website

For many of us, the town we retire to isn’t hard to work out. After all, living near to family and friends is often one of the most important elements of what most people envision for their golden years. And, for that matter, a lot of people won’t want to part ways with a town or region they’ve called home for decades.

However, many others are happy to use retirement as a chance to relocate. Sometimes it’s a matter of seeking out a warmer climate, whereas others might just want to trade the high cost of living and fast pace of a major city for somewhere better suited to living on a fixed income. Regardless of why you might want to move, though, it’s important to carefully consider your desired landing spot. If you want your nest egg to last, you have to plan carefully around certain expenditures like annual cost of living or consider what it will cost should you need to hire a home healthcare worker for you or your spouse.

That’s why GOBankingRates put together a study of which cities and towns are best suited for retirement. Taking the 100 municipalities with the highest percentage of the population ages 65 or over, the study scored each location on a number of different factors to determine which are the best — and worst — towns for retirement.

And the towns are:

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