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Check Six: AMS Graduation – 16 years ago

November 18, 2019
L-R: Sean Lockerman, Troy Unebasami, “Kula” Cummings, Regina Komine, Matthew Masuyama, “Kalei” Hoopai, Dane Minami – Personnel photograph used with permission

On April 18, 2003, the Air National Guard’s Academy of Military Science graduated 114 lieutenants in AMS Class 0-2003-3. The class had 28 women and 86 men – 91 ANG members, and 23 Air Force Reserve members. Twenty five were headed to pilot training, six to navigator training, and 83 would serve as support officers.

Seven class members were Hawaii Air National Guard members, the most from Hawaii in AMS history. Dane Minami provided the photograph above showing the Hawaii Seven the day before graduation. 

It has been 16 years and Retiree News wanted to update the status of these seven officers.

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