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AMC, Industry Discuss Privatized Aerial Refueling

December 22, 2019
The Omega K-707 tanker refuels the Navy’s unmanned X-47B during a 2015 flight over the Chesapeake Bay. The Air Force is looking at ways to contract private aerial refueling aircraft, such as the K-707, for test and training missions. US Navy photo by Liz Wolter

Air Mobility Command (AMC) officials recently met with more than a dozen companies to figure out how the Air Force could use privately owned refueling aircraft to take on certain missions, freeing up USAF tankers for more training and operations.

The command on December 17 brought together 14 companies and 40 total participants at Scott AFB, Illinois, to discuss the possibility of contracting out “boom-type air-to-air refueling” for training, test and evaluation, foreign military sales and fighter refueling missions, according to an AMC statement.

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