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Here are the best and worst U.S. states for retirement

January 8, 2020

From the Yahoo Money website

Blacktower sourced data from government and nonprofit sites and calculated a cumulative score based on these factors:

Cost of living: The median cost of living in the United States is indexed at 98.5, derived from a national survey by the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center.

Crime: This number represents how many violent crimes were committed per 100,000 people in 2017. The crime rate in the U.S. was 394 crimes per 100,000 people. 

Age: Age of population data was sourced from the Census. The average share of those 60 and older among the 50 states is 21.46%.

Property price: Average property prices were also sourced from Census data. The average among the 50 states is $263,544.

Life expectancy: The average life expectancy in the 50 states ranged from 74.5 to 81.5 years, based on data from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, an independent health research center.

And Hawaii is rated…

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