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Restructuring and Realignment of Military Medical Treatment Facilities

February 20, 2020

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The Department of Defense announced, February 19, plans to restructure 50 military hospitals and clinics to better support wartime readiness of military personnel and to improve clinical training for medical forces who deploy in support of combat operations around the world.

The decision includes Tripler Army Medical Center. Tripler will be considered for recapitalization of the aging platform with the final location and capability dependent on further analysis of Hawaii market capabilities and military demand.

The Military Health System (MHS) is the most comprehensive military medical enterprise in the world. Its goal is to ensure a medically ready force to execute the National Defense Strategy, and a ready medical force to support our armed forces throughout the world.

This report summarizes the Department’s decisions to align Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) to increase the readiness of our operational and medical forces. (See section 703(d)(1) of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 (Public Law 114–328)). These decisions have been reviewed and accepted by the Secretary of Defense, and reflect the Department’s underlying principle to improve the readiness of our force, while ensuring all beneficiaries have access to high-quality medical care.

The decisions in this report were based on an initial screening of 343 MTFs identified as providing healthcare services in the United States. The report contains analysis that is independent of other initiatives that will have an impact on manpower. From the 343 MTFs initially assessed, 77 were identified for further assessment.

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