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Check Six: HIANG Friends – 16 years ago

April 11, 2020

The highlight of the October 2004 training weekend was the 154th Maintenance Group assumption of command ceremony. Colonel Ronald Han became the command in a ceremony held in the old fighter hanger. 

Among those attending were Sean LockermanKristen (Higgins) Stanley, and Clifford Heen

– Sean was recently commissioned and served in the 154th Logistics Readiness Squadron for several years. He later returned to his home in Pennsylvania and served with the ANG there. He currently lives in Florida and owns a successful landscaping company. 

– Kristen worked full time in the Public Affairs Office. She later became a First Sergeant in the maintenance complex. Kristen and her family moved to Wisconsin and served with the ANG there.

– Cliff was the commander of the 154th Maintenance Operations Flight (154 MOF) for several years. He later left the Guard and worked at Young Brothers. 

All great Guardmembers!

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