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FAQs on Medicare Coverage and Costs Related to COVID-19

May 12, 2020
From the CDC website

We hope this finds you and your family healthy and that you are riding out these trying times as well as possible.

I have been receiving questions about Medicare coverage during the COVID pandemic.  The CARES ACT addresses coverage issues and answers the following questions.

– Is COVID testing covered?   Yes – it is covered by Part B Medicare.  Copays and deductibles have been waived.

– If I have a Medicare Advantage Plan which has in network providers, am I still restricted to use those during the crisis or pay a surcharge? No – During a state of emergency, providers must charge only the in-network prices.  Please double check with your drug plan if you have to use a network pharmacy during the emergency.

Can I get extra drug supply during this period?  Yes – Under the CARES ACT, plans are required to issue a 90 day supply of drug if requested.

My doctor is calling patients or teleconferencing for patient visits. Are these calls covered by Medicare?  Yes – Medicare has expanded telehealth coverage.  It is covered under Part B.  This is not limited to COVID related calls or to follow-up patients.  Patients consulting with an MD for the first time are covered as well.

If hospitalized for COVID, are my costs covered by Medicare?  Yes, under PART A you will be covered.  The amount of coverage may differ by plans

If an approved the vaccine for COVID is offered, will Medicare cover the cost?  Yes, the CARES ACT stipulates that Medicare will cover the vaccine’s cost under Part B.

Thanks to Randy Tom who shared this information with Retiree News. The information came from the Crown Care website, written by Dr. Eileen Hilton.

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