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Check Six: F-86 Sabre Static Display

May 18, 2020

For many years, a F-86E Sabre static display greeted you as you entered the 154th Wing compound. The 199th Fighter Squadron flew Sabres from 1954-1958.

Many notiable fighter pilots began their flying careers during the Sabre era. Among these pilots were:

James Ashford, Jarret “Deke” Carr, George Duncan,  Paul “Aimoku” Duvauchelle, Padraic “Paddy” Evans, Tai “Mynah” Hong, Kurt Johnson, Richie “Kuni” Kunichika, Marlin Little, David Lung, Robert Maguire, Harold Nagai, Edward Richardson, Melvin Souza, Melvin Yen

Most continued into the F-102 Delta Dagger era and provided leadership in the squadron, wing and higher.

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