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Mandatory interisland Traveler Health Form now online

July 3, 2020

The State of Hawai‘i mandatory interisland Traveler Health Form can now be submitted online within 24 hours of flight departure. This upgrade adds efficiency to the passenger verification process, helps save travelers time and allows information to enter the database in real-time. The form includes health and contact information needed to trace close contacts should a passenger become ill.

Ticketed passengers are encouraged to visit the Hawai‘i Department of Health travel website to find the digital fillable Traveler Health Form. Once all the required questions have been completed and it is signed and submitted, the passenger will receive an email with a QR code. They should bring the code with them to the airport, either on an electronic device (preferred) or printed. The form may not be completed or submitted outside of the 24-hour time frame. (Please note: certain browsers such as Safari and Explorer are slow loading and Chrome is best).

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