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LinkedIn Users: Cybersecurity Threat Awareness

July 8, 2020

Off the NAVFAC Facebook page

A Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK) state-sponsored campaign was recently discovered on LinkedIn. A Group known as LAZARUS, used fake LinkedIn profiles to disguise themselves as job recruiters for companies within the aerospace and military sectors. Using fake profiles, the actors contacted victims under the ruse of conducting a job interview. 

During the fake online interview, the actors sent victims malicious files appearing to hold job and salary information, but when opened, actually infected the victim’s device with malware. 

Once the victim’s device was infected, the actors then terminated the interview, telling the victim they did not get the job, and soon after deleted the fake LinkedIn profile. Once the actors gained initial access to the targeted network, they proceeded to compromise other devices operating on the same network and steal sensitive company data.

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