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Check Six – 1965: Sign Change

July 13, 2020
Hawaii Air National Guard photograph

This photograph was taken from a 1965 Hawai‘i Guardsman magazine. The caption read:

When the 169th Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron (169 ACWS) moved from Koko Crater, members of the 109th Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron (109 ACWS) changed the “6” to a “0” and as the squadron took over the  facility. Pictured above are TSgt’s Wayne Soma and David Langsi of the 109 ACWS.

The official transition date was July 1, 1965. The 169 ACWS relocated to then-Wheeler AFB. Operations and radio maintenance moved into Building 204. Radar maintenance operated jointly with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) atop Mount Kaala. There was a radio-relay to/from the 150th Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron on Kauai through the then- Punamano AFS in Kahuku.

The 109 ACWS were relocating from Punamano AFS. Operations continued until the unit’s deactivation as the 201st Mobile Communications Squadron activated on March 6, 1967.

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