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Third Generation Guardmember Commissioned

July 19, 2020

Maj Gen Kenneth Hara and his wife, Myong, pinned their son, Justin with his gold bars on May 15, 2020. The ceremony took place in the State Department of Defense conference room. Justin’s uncle, Maj Gen (Ret) Gary Hara and his sister, Alicia, pinned his should lapel shoulder taps. Justin’s uncle, CSM (Ret) Dennis Hara rendered the first salute – via the internet from Hilo.

Justin’s grandfather, the late Henry “Shogun” Hara commanded the 2nd Battalion, 299 Infantry in Hilo for 13 years, and retired in 1988. All four of his sons, Gary, Dennis, Larry, and Ken followed his military path into the Hawaii Army National Guard.

When Justin enlisted in 2014, Ken Hara submitted the a paper about the entire Hara multigeneration family and the military service.

Justin is assigned to Company C, 1-299 Calvary. He is part of the unit’s deployment to Kauai supporting the COVID-19 response. 

The Shogun would be proud.

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