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Check Six – 1965: HANG Says Aloha Their C-47 Skytrain

July 20, 2020
Hawaii Air National Guard photograph

From the December 1965 Issue of the Hawai‘i Guardsman

The Hawai‘i Air National Guard bid farewell to a familiar sight at the Hawai‘i Air Guard unit at Hickam AFB. Normally sitting outside the Waikīkī side of the hangar would be a blue and white C-47 assigned to the Air Guard.

It is no longer seen by Hawai‘i Guardsmen for on October 24th, the aircraft has returned to the Air Force. It will be flown to Clark Air Base in the Philippines. There it will serve with the military, probably to ferry VIPs and military personnel to Vietnam or southeast Asia.

It has been about 14 years since the Guard received this aircraft and during that time to the present, it has served loyally all units within the National Guard. It carried tons of cargo varying in size and shapes between the islands and also has transported thousands of Guardsmen, VIPs, and military personnel. It has served on mercy missions between the islands for both the military and civil organizations. The C-47 was a means of transportation when one of the fighters was forces to land on another island. It would carry both mechanics and supplies to the crippled plane.

So, it is with sad hear that we say “Aloha” to a loyal and faithful aircraft – the C-47 Goony Bird!

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