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Advocates Seek More Leeway in New Tricare Select Fee Plan

August 7, 2020

From the Army Times website

Military advocacy groups are calling for changes that give working-age retirees a longer grace period if they fail to set up a way to pay new fees for Tricare Select set to kick in January 1.

As it is, if the retirees fail to set up their payments by January. 1, they’ll be kicked out of the health care program, and will have 90 days to apply for reinstatement.

Many advocacy organizations are hearing complaints about the new fees from angry members who may not have realized fees were coming, said Karen Ruedisueli, director of health affairs for the Military Officers Association of America. “Some of the angriest are the recent retirees who served almost their entire careers while our nation was at war and endured multiple combat deployments, only to face fee increases as they’re about to retire,” she said. 

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