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Check Six – 2002: Results of the FY03 ANG Promotion Board Released

August 20, 2020

On Tuesday, August 20, 2002, the results of the FY03 ANG Line and Health Professionals – Captains, Majors, & Lieutenant Colonels Selection Board were released. Several went on to become colonels.

Unit assignments and designations are as they were in 2002.

To Major:

Mark E. Kloetzel, 169th Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron 
Garret G. Miyagawa, 154th Medical Group
Antonio A. J. Querubin, 291st Combat Communication Squadron

To Lieutenant Colonel:

Joseph C. Damiani, Hq, 154th Wing
Timothy H. Fujino, Hq, 154th Operations Group 
Jan Sue Heverly, 154th Aircraft Generation Squadron
Scott W. Hoadley, 169th Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron 
Edgar S. Kimsey, 204th Airlift Squadron
Thomas K .L. Mau, 199th Weather flight
Morris S. Miyose, 169th Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron
Martin P. Moerschell, Hq, 201st combat Communications Group
Kenneth R. Sussel, 199th Fighter Squadron
Craig T. Swaby, 199th Fighter Squadron
Gary L. Thomas, 292nd Combat Communications Squadron
Randall Tom, Hq, Hawaii Air National Guard
James T. Yuki, 204th Airlift Squadron

They went on to assume key leadership positions in the HIANG.

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