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What’s Your Digital Identity?

August 24, 2020

From the LifeLock website

Your digital identity could be a juicy target for identity thieves. If you don’t know what your digital identity is, then you may not know what’s at stake—or how to help protect yourself.

Digital identity defined. Your digital identity consists of various pieces of information about you—in digital form—that, when put together, point to you. Such pieces of information are often called “data attributes.” They can be something obvious, such as a user name or Social Security number, or something less apparent, such as your online comments or search activities.

You might regularly share some of your data attributes to make an online purchase or access your bank account, for instance. But if you share certain types of your personal data—such as your full name, date of birth, and Social Security number—and they’re somehow exposed, you’re at risk of an identity thief using them to pretend to be you.

In a world as technology-oriented as ours, it can be a challenge to limit not only what we share, but also how we share it. And even if you take every possible precaution, a data breach at a company with whom you do business could possibly result in identity theft. Still, it’s worth trying to stay on top of how you handle your personal information.

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