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Why notifying DFAS about life-changing events is important

August 29, 2020

Concerning your Military (DFAS) Retired & Annuitant Pay

One of the reasons we ask you to check and update your retired pay account is because the Survivor Benefit Plan has a number of important one-year deadlines.

If you get married, lose a spouse, or have a child, and you don’t notify DFAS within the one-year deadline, you may be barred from covering your loved one.

When you notify us, be sure to include supporting documents, such as birth or marriage certificates.

As a retiree, the sooner you alert us to any change that might affect your pay or your SBP coverage, the more timely and accurate payments will be.  Keeping your account up to date includes making sure your mailing address, email address, banking information, and your beneficiaries are current.

Find out more about updating your Survivor Benefit Plan beneficiaries on our website:

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