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Off Track: The Village People video ‘In The Navy’

September 5, 2020

From the Task and Purpose website

The video opens innocently enough. A bell sounds as we gaze onto a U.S. Navy frigate, safely docked at port at Naval Base San Diego. A cadre of sailors, dressed in “crackerjack” style enlisted dress uniforms and hauling duffel bags over their shoulders, stride up a gangplank aboard the vessel. The officer on deck greets them with a blast of a boatswain’s call. It could be the opening scene of a recruitment video for the greatest naval force on the planet.

Then the rhythmic clapping begins.

For those too young to know, The Village People were an iconic group of the late 1970s. The group’s biggest hit was “YMCA”, is still heard at sporting events occasionally with fans doing the accompanying arm motions. 

Watch the video

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