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The Pentagon: a shrine to antiquated technology where creative thinking goes to die

September 24, 2020

From the Task and Purpose website

The fact that the Pentagon is a technologically backward outpost where innovation is considered a thought crime should come as no surprise to anyone who has spent any time either in or working for the military.

But former Navy Chief Learning Officer John Kroger’s recent column for Wired beautifully lays bare the initial shock that newbies feel when they arrive at the building, only to find that the only military in the world with a budget of more than three-quarters of a trillion dollars has a headquarters that essentially predates the internet.

Since there is no WiFi in the Pentagon and only a few spots where cell phones get service, he was essentially out of touch with his office while in meetings for most of the day, wrote Kroger, who announced in June that he was leaving his job with the Navy after eight months.

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And the hot dog stand is gone…

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