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297 ATCS Radar Airfield Weather Systems

October 20, 2020
Hawaii Air National Guard photograph

Off the Hawaii Air National Guard Facebook page

Crew chiefs and specialists take care of aircraft, pilots fly them and air traffic controllers provide critical, real-time guidance as they navigate the flight line and the skies above. 

However, there’s always another team of aviation professionals at work during each and every sortie. 

Radar Airfield Weather Systems Airmen from the 297th Air Traffic Control Squadron are experts at setting up and operating an array of airfield systems which makes flight ops possible. 

These Airmen set up the essential networks which enable safe takeoffs and landings and can mobilize their instruments into deployed environments.  

This career path entails plenty of critical thinking and field work with weather instruments, heavy-duty vehicles, navigational aids and more. 

Not only are they crucial for the HIANG’s mission sets, but RAWS Airmen poses many of the competencies and skillsets which can be applied in the Federal Aviation Administration and civilian sector.

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