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Rebirth of the Divisions

October 29, 2020
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From the National Guard magazine website

A new plan will return much of the Guard’s combat structure to the eight division headquarters.

To better prepare for future fights, Army Guard leaders are reforming the force to look more like the Guard of a century ago.

Under the National Guard’s division alignment plans, the current eight division headquarters are adopting training-oversight relation- ships with other units to include brigade combat teams, aviation brigades, sustainment brigades and other support elements that would be part of a more traditional division structure.

The goal, officials say, is to build out enough full Guard divisions to effectively give the Army 18 true, combat-ready divisions.

Lt. Gen. Jon A. Jensen, the director of the Army Guard, says the changes are being driven by the National Defense Strategy and the need to prepare for great power competition, which could include more large-scale combat than what was seen during the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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