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Check Six – 1966: Summer Camp at Dillingham Field – The Movie

November 23, 2020

Earlier, Retiree News posted a photograph of several F-102s in a taxi formation at Dillingham Field in MokulēʻIa. It is a screen capture of a video sent to Retiree News by Tai “Mynah” Hong, a retired 199th Fighter Squadron pilot. Mynah said the video was converted from an old Super 8 home movie. We could not post the entire video to our website because of its size – 140 MB.

Special thanks to Jeffrey Hickman, the Director of Public Affairs at the State Department of Defense. He graciously agreed to post the video on the Hawaii National Guard Facebook page. Additionally, Andrew Jackson, the computer guru, edited and improved the video quality. 

Andy added the names of the pilots in the video, who are wearing orange flight suits. Later in the video, Kenji Sumida is seen briefing a troop formation. Airmen in the video we recognize include Rudy Luat, and George Kaneshiro.

Here’s the link to the video

Mahalo to Mynah for sharing his personal video. 

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