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Webmaster Comments 21.01.06: 2020 Annual Report

January 5, 2021

During the eight year of our existence, Retiree News reached some notable achievements. 

During 2020, the website passed 1.3 million views. Over the past eight years, we have averaged over 165,000 views a year, and in 2020, we had close to 300,000 views.

In addition, Retiree News maintained over 1,300 followers. There were many new followers, but others have removed themselves from the list. Thanks to everyone for your continuing interest.

We increased the number of old photographs and other historical Guard documents. Hopefully, these posts bring back memories of our good friends and old times.

Special thanks to those who submitted photographs for posting. If you have an old photograph, scan it to a JPEG and email it to Please include the names of those in the photographs.

Not-so-good news. The challenge of broken links continues. Retiree News readers checking on earlier posts often come across links that no longer work. Many websites update their content and/or delete articles. We repaired several links in 2020, but unfortunately we deleted other posts. Our review and updates will continue in 2021.

Pau Hana Notice #1. There have been many questions about when the Retiree News website will stop posting. Currently, our intention is to continue until we pass 10 years and/or two million views. This would take the website into 2022.

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