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11 Best Cities to Retire in the U.S

February 20, 2021

From the Travel + Leisure website

When it comes to retirement planning, financial considerations are usually at the top of the agenda. For most future retirees, income is relatively quantifiable, with social security, pensions, investments, and savings. Anticipating expenses may be less precise, with unknowns like inflation, health care costs, and unexpected payments. Once the finances are established, a question for a number of retirees is where to live. 

Many are content to stay put, especially if their mortgage is paid off and their house and neighborhood are still ideal. For some, though, the nest is empty and there’s too much unnecessary space to maintain. Children and grandchildren may have moved away. Daily needs like shopping, health care, socializing, and staying active might not be sufficiently convenient. Are weather-related necessities like snow shoveling, home heating, and landscape care becoming a burden? These are all considerations that come into play when planning for retirement.

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