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Check Six – Early 1950s: 199th Fighter Squadron

March 1, 2021
Hawaii Air National Guard photograph

This undated photograph was taken outside the 199th Fighter Squadron operations building in Area 65 on Hickam AFB.  The squadron relocated to Building 3400 in 1960. 

Retiree News asked Edward “Rick” Richardson, the retired Adjutant General for his memories and comments. 

I talked to Tai Hong and Joe Ah New and here is what we come up with. I have included nick names or how they were informally addressed. This picture was taken before I got back from pilot training. I returned in December 1957 and Tai joined the squadron in June 1957 after serving in the USAF as a F-86H pilot. Joe Ah New joined the squadron also out the USAF while we were transitioning into the F-102 in 1961. We are still trying to determine who the 5 squadron members with question marks are. I don’t remember them transitioning into the F-86L in 1958. This picture brings back fond memories of serving with this special group of people. 

Back Row: unknown, Capt Paul Aimoku Duvauchelle, Lt. James “Jimmy” Olds, Lt Robert “Bobby” Dotson, Lt William “Billy”Heilbronunknownunknown, Capt Jarrett “Deke” Carr.

Middle Row: Capt Lorenzo “Kumu” Kumelikeunknown, Lt Herbert “Herb”  Sakamoto, Lt Walter “Walt” Tokunaga, Capt Ross England, Lt Kenny Nomura, Capt Hugh “Pappy” Roofunknown.

Front Row: Lt Melvin “MIG” Yen, Lt Roger “Rog” Clissold, Lt Donald “Don” Giddings, Capt Frank Smith, Capt George Harris, Capt Kenneth “Kenny” Fisher, Lt ??? Okimoto

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