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Check Six – Early 1960s: HANG Flightline

March 15, 2021

Neil Walter posted this on the Remember Oahu from the Past Facebook page

Neil Walter’s comments that accompanied the photograph:

My Dad (Don Walker) flew for HANG out of Hickam at that time. I was very young but I loved visiting the base. Yeah! Dad flew the F-102 and he was bummed out that he retired one year before they got the F-4’s.

This undated photograph was taken in the early 1960s. It appears it looks Mauka from the second floor (Operations) of Building 3400. The aircraft with the tail facing left is in the radar dock. The Deuces still had “Hawaii Air Guard” markings and still did not have the round Air Guard logos and the flight color stripes on the tails. Additionally, the bern around the tarmac is not there.

Hawaii Air National Guard photograph – click to enlarge

This photograph provides more references for the one above.

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