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Retirees, Your Finances Need an Annual Checkup

April 5, 2021

From the Kiplinger website

If you’re like most people, you probably started off 2021 with lofty goals and ambitious New Year’s resolutions that by now have long since been abandoned. Take heart. There’s one resolution that’s easy to keep because it’s typically a once-a-year commitment. 

Like an annual physical, an annual financial review can keep your finances healthy. “We all go on this health checkup every year, but your wealth checkup could be even more important for your long-term well-being,” says Daniel Hill, a certified financial planner and president of Hill Wealth Strategies in Richmond, Va. A review is worth doing even if it seems like nothing has changed. (Financial planners usually recommend that you review your finances after major life events or whenever your goals need adjusting.) Best of all, once you get this job over with, you can generally forget about it for the next 12 months. 

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