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Lloyd Austin once told this story of incredible battlefield bravery on Netflix

April 24, 2021

From the Task and Purpose website

It turns out our brand-new secretary of defense is something of a movie star, or at least a documentary movie star.

That’s right, retired Army Gen. Lloyd Austin appeared in an episode of Medal of Honor, a 2018 Netflix documentary series about eight recipients of America’s highest military award for valor. But Austin doesn’t talk about recent recipients such as Clint Romesha or Ty Carter, who were recognized for their battlefield bravery in Afghanistan, where Austin also served. 

Instead, Austin helps tell the story of Staff Sgt. Hiroshi “Hershey” Miyamura, an infantryman who stayed behind to cover his comrades’ retreat during a fierce battle in the Korean War. The night was April 24th, 1951, and then-Corporal Miyamura and his squad of machine gunners were defending the South Korean capital, Seoul, from Chinese troops.

“Hershey and his men were resolved to defend that city at all costs,” said Austin, who is labeled in the episode as “General, U.S. Army (Ret.).”

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