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Neal Milner: Eighty, Schmeighty. Spare Me The Story Of Your Perfect Life

June 12, 2021

Some Retiree News readers are pass 80, while many others are approaching it. Neal Milner has an interesting take on birthday 80.

From the Civil Beat website

I turned 80 on May 19. That whole day was pretty ordinary. I worked out as usual; ran an errand; read a little; FaceTimed with my family; drove all the way to Kaneohe to renew my driver’s license.

Then an early dinner with two good friends, “Happy Birthday to You” over dessert, and home by 8.

Could have done more but no reason to do it because 80 is a birthday, not a milestone. As soon as folks decide to gin up an 80th birthday into a milestone, bad stuff happens.

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Neal Milner is a former political science professor at the University of Hawaii where he taught for 40 years. He is a political analyst for KITV and is a regular contributor to Hawaii Public Radio’s “The Conversation.” His most recent book is The Gift of Underpants. Opinions are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Civil Beat’s views.

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