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What is GMO?

July 16, 2021

From the Medical News Today website

Manufacturers of GMO products, including foods, genetically modify organisms to improve the product or gain a commercial advantage. For example, GMO plants may be easier to grow in large quantities, or they may produce more fruit. GMO meat from genetically modified animals may taste better or different. 

GMO products remain controversial, especially among some environmental and natural living groups. Opponents of genetic modification worry that genetic changes may affect human health in unanticipated ways. For instance, there is concern that the nutrients from these products may damage tissue or not metabolize as effectively. Furthermore, it is not possible to know the long-term effects of consuming GMO products. 

Most research on GMO products shows no evidence of harm. However, the scientific community acknowledges that the existing research is neither unanimous nor conclusive. Many scientists continue to raise concerns regarding the use of GMO products, for which most studies have not assessed the long-term risks or benefits. 

Keep reading to learn more about GMOs, including their effects on the environment and the potential health risks and benefits.

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