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Check Six – 1998: 199th Fighter Squadron Change of Command

July 26, 2021

On September 30, 1998, the 199th Fighter Squadron held a change of command. Col. Peter “Skipper” Pawling, the then-154th Operations Group commander officiated the ceremony. Then-Lt. Col. Gary “Pork” Peters took command from then-Lt. Col. Wayne “Wildman” Wakeman.

Among the pilots in the formation were Christopher “Frenchy” Faurot, Stan “Pilau” Hong, Steve “HR” Halderman, John “Kazi” Hall, Dean “DJ” Shaw, Howard “Babe” Ruth, Dr. Brett “Doogie” Wyrick and Jeffrey “Sumo” Namahira. In the background with partial face is Michael “Stuck” Blake and Glenn “Knockers” Nakamura.

The squadron was flying F-15C Eagles, but anticipation about a conversion was in the air.

Skipper served as the 154th Wing commander, 2003 – 2009. He went on to become the Mobilization Assistant to the Commander, United States Pacific Command, Camp H. M. Smith, Hawaii. He retired in 2012.

Pork left the Hawaii Air National Guard to become the commander of the 181st Fighter Wing, Terre Haute, Indiana. He retired as a colonel.

Wildman went on to a position at Pacific Air Forces. He retired as a colonel.

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