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Check Six – Late 1960s: Dillingham Field Tower Operations

August 9, 2021

This post first appeared in Issue 114 of the e-newsletter Retiree News on February 18, 2011

Hawaii Air National Guard photograph

In this photo from are Ross “Roscoe” England and Gerald Sada in the “tower” at Dillingham Field.

Retiree News contacted Gerald Sada and he provided these comments about the photo.

The other person in the photo is Ross England who, I believe, was the squadron commander at that time.  It looks like Dillingham Field and, if it is, it must have been during summer camp since that is when we usually deployed there.

The then 154th Group operated out of Dillingham Field in MokulēʻIa during summer camps in the middle 1960s through the early 1970s with their F-102 Delta Daggers. Ross England retired and relocated to Reno, Nevada years ago, and passed away in 2008.  His son, SFC Charles England served and retired from the Hawai‘i Army National Guard in Hilo.

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