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297th Air Traffic Control Squadron

August 16, 2021

Off the Hawaii Air National Guard Facebook page

Hawaii Air National Guard photograph

In case you haven’t noticed, mobility is kind of a big deal for us in the HIANG. From the stealth fighters that protect our opens skies to the support Airmen on the ground, we’re all prepared to ‘hit the road’ in one way or another.

Members of the 297th Air Traffic Control Squadron validated their ability to set up a mobilized ATC package as part of an annual training event. With this skillset, maintainers and controllers have the means to accumulate, transport and set up heavy tower equipment within a few days, making sure that pilots can transit through austere environments whenever called upon.

In some of our most recent training events, these professionals demonstrated their capabilities on multiple Pacific Islands such as Kauai, Midway and Guam.

After wrapping up this annual field training event, many of these Drill-Status Airmen will return to esteemed career fields in which they apply their technical credentials toward rewarding career paths.

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