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Is It a Cold, the Flu, or COVID-19?

October 11, 2021

From the Everyday Health website

Before the pandemic, a scratchy throat and stuffy nose were nothing to get alarmed about. Most of us experiencing these symptoms could assume we had a cold and power through.

In the era of COVID-19, however, these symptoms can bring on a whole new level of anxiety. “There’s a tremendous amount of overlap between symptoms of a cold, the flu, and COVID-19,” says Jeffrey Loria, MD, an internist in New York City.

“It’s not that you have to panic,” he adds. “If you get a simple runny nose or scratchy throat without a fever or other significant respiratory symptoms, it’s likely that you’ve just got a cold.”

But that’s not always the case now that the novel coronavirus has become a part of our lives. “COVID can present as a common cold, with a runny nose, congestion, and a headache,” says Natasha Chida, MD, an infectious diseases physician at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

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